'Aisha Zeijpveld (1983) obtained her degree at the
Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Living in Amsterdam she works as freelancer for a
variety of commercial magazines, while continuously
pursuing her personal work.

Zeijpveld’s focus on people their nakedness and
vulnerability yet simultaneously their potency and
pride characterizes her photography.

She aims for the absurd, allowing her photographs
to be positioned on the interface of reality and dream-world,
while always maintaining their functionality and clarity.'

written by Sterre Van Rossem


'Aisha Zeijpveld is an Amsterdam-based photographer
with an exciting portfolio of conceptual portraiture.
A balance of naked reality and peculiar surrealism is prevalent
throughout her works that feature muted colour-blocked
backdrops and interrupted and edited subjects.

We love the artist’s use of watery layers that subvert
conventional posed shots and crumpled canvas
textures that suggest a multiple printing and shooting process.
Liquid melting backdrops and photographic
trickery create the illusion of morphing bodies.'

Written by Julia Kasper
Source: www.trendland.com