Nederlands Dans Theater

UpComing Choreographers vs Upcoming Photographers



About the serie : ‘Moume'


I made the serie ‘Moume’ as a contribution to the project ‘Upcoming Choreographers vs Upcoming Photographers’, wich is organised by “Het Nederlands Dans Theater” and “The Royal Academy of Fine Art”. I was chosen to participate and collaborate with choreographer Medhi Walerski.


Instead of making pictures during his rehearsals I based my images on different dreams Walerski had that inspired him to make his choreography.





Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld


Concept: Aisha Zeijpveld, Medhi Walerski


Special thanks to Ellen Dosse, Het Nederlands Danstheater and the dancers:

Allan Falieri, Natalia Horečna, Virginie Martinat, Jorge Nozal and Bastien Zorzetto