Communal Living | FRAME Magazine

Communal living | FRAME magazine 

I was asked to illustrate the theme ‘communal living’ for the cover of Frame Magazine (2016). Inspired by Bodies in urban spaces / Willie Dorner.


Client: FRAME magazine

Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld

Models: Fleur van Zonneveld, Maurits Weebers, Judith Hermarij and Sabrina Mareili

Photography assistants: Lisanne Lambregts and Emily Koo


Pixels | Studio LONK

Pixels (2016) is a series of portraits showing the talented staff members of Studio LONK. A photo set, inspired by low res images. Material pixels are suspended in the air by fish wire, and create an interesting depth in the image.


Client: Studio LONK

Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld

Art direction and concept: Studio LONK and Aisha Zeijpveld

Set elements and wardrobe styling: Studio LONK

Photography assistants: Berend van Breda, Emily Koo and Lies Lambregts