Paulien Cornelisse | Volkskrant Magazine

Paulien Cornelisse | Volkskrant Magazine

Portraits of author and dramatist Paulien Cornelisse for the Volkskrant Magazine (2016).


Photography, concept and art direction: Aisha Zeijpveld

Set elements: Studio LONK

Wardrobe styling: Nola Pistache van Timmeren

Photography Assistants: Berend van Brenda, Emily Koo and Lies Lambregts

Cover design: Jaap Biemans

Banksy | Moam | Moco Museum

Banksy was specially made for the pop up exposition in Moco Museum in Amsterdam which only lasted for three hours. Together with nine other photographers we were selected by Moam Amsterdam and every artist gave their interpretation on the work of Banksy called ‘Laugh now’.


Client: Moam

Photography: Aisha Zeijpveld


Special thanks
Bas Peters
Judith Veenendaal
Louise Brenneke
Designing Haaker